What worries people in Serbia the most?

According to the latest research conducted by Sprint Insight, people in Serbia are most concerned about the low living standard and poverty, but also about unemployment, layoffs and brain drain.

Air pollution is also at the top of the list of concerns, while in a hypothetical ranking. the opening of the lithium mine by Rio Tinto comes after the status of Kosovo and the economic consequences of the epidemic.

These are the results of a public opinion survey conducted by Sprint Insight on a sample of 1,179 respondents on the territory of Serbia without Kosovo and Metohija, from 17 to 26 January 2022, with a margin of error of more or less 2.85%.

More than 86% of the respondents are concerned about the low living standard and poverty, unemployment 83%, air pollution 79%, brain drain 78%, economic consequences of the epidemic 74%, violations of workers’ rights by foreign companies/investors 72.5%, the status of Kosovo and Metohija 67%, the coronavirus epidemic 66%, and Rio Tinto opening a lithium mine 64%.

Next on the list of concerns is the political situation in the country 57%, corruption scandals involving government officials 55%, migrants 56%, organized crime 53%, the position of Serbs in neighbouring countries 47.6%, promotion of LGBT rights and high real estate prices 47%.

Serbia’s accession into the EU is supported by 54% of the citizens, the introduction of conscription 65.8%, compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus 46.6%, the abolition of university fees for public university students during the epidemic 82.9%, reducing income tax 89.8%, introducing measures to protect the local market 91%, state aid to families with children 98%, banning LGBT propaganda 65.3%, giving more power to local governments 63.7%, and direct voting for election candidates 80.4%.

When asked if they believe that the situation in Serbia can be changed by voting, 19.5% of them did not think so at all, 25% answered with „probably no“, 33% said „probably yes“, while 21.6% are absolutely sure.

(Danas, 08.02.2022)




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