What Women Are Looking For in a Man

What Women Are Looking For in a Man

Women may seek partners who will resemble their dads, both negative or positive, or fall in love with a completely unusual man. However, every woman would like to see a set of universal attributes in her partner. Their importance and rating may vary from one lady to another, but all stronger sex representatives should know them. Here are nine things that singles worldwide, from Ukrainian women to American ladies, are looking for in a man:


Many women consider persistence to be one of the essential qualities of a man. If a man knows what he wants and obtains it with all his might, this can make him much sexier and more attractive in women’s eyes. This happens on a subconscious level. Women love it when men have leadership qualities and show self-confidence. Also, some women like it when a man is persistent in winning her heart.


It cannot be denied that for most women, emotional and financial strength is an important quality. And it’s not even a matter of commercialism or self-interest. A woman views a man as the potential father of her children. Often, a man’s stability shows that he has a sense of responsibility and is not afraid of obligations, i.e., long-term relationships.

Treating women as equals

This quality is especially crucial for young girls. In the modern world, where women are in no way inferior to men, various stereotypes persist. One of these stereotypes is that women are weaker than men. Therefore, girls have much more respect for those men who treat women as equals.

Education and listening skills

The ability to maintain an exciting conversation makes any person attractive in our eyes. It will be especially advantageous if the man is very well-read and has a good sense of humor. The ability to maintain a conversation, express your opinion and listen shows the interlocutor’s intelligence and rationality. The femme fatale of the BBC Sherlock, Irene Adler, said, “Brains are sexy now!”


Passion is not what you might think of in the first place. Instead, it is about motivation and love for your work. If a man has a passion for his job or occupation, it means that he has ambitions and goals in life. Men who find themselves in life are considered to be much more successful and happier. And it is these men that women want to see around them.


The ability to sympathize with a person and support him in difficult times makes any man pleasant and attractive. This suggests that a person treats a woman with kindness and tenderness and is not afraid to show his real feelings. And the opposite effect works too. Abusive men make women feel anxious and agitated.


Those around them always like confident people. Different criteria can assess a man’s confidence. However, it is generally accepted that a self-confident man is the one who knows how to admit his mistakes, knows his shortcomings and strengths.

General chemistry

No matter how handsome and excellent a man is, relationships can be unsuccessful simply because there is no chemistry or compatibility. Some couples may feel the chemistry when they first meet, and some after a while. Therefore, it is worth giving a chance to a man. Perhaps after some time, you will understand that this is the one and only.


Yes, appearance is a subjective factor, but every woman wants a man to look good and be well-groomed. Therefore, do not neglect personal care and personal hygiene. You don’t have to wear the most expensive and trendy clothes. The main thing is that they are neat. 

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