What will changes to the Citizenship Law mean for foreigners in Serbia?

The Serbian Citizenship Law has been in force since 2005 and will soon be amended for the third time.

The amendments to the law will facilitate the submission of applications for citizenship, but will not abolish security checks before authorities approve new citizenships.

Most of the amendments to the law refer to foreigners who will now have it much easier when obtaining Serbian citizenship. Suzana Stanić Carević from the Interior Ministry says that the current legal basis for obtaining Serbian citizenship implied that a foreigner had to have the status of a permanent resident, release from previous citizenship and have at least three-year-long residence on the territory of Serbia before applying for citizenship. She also adds that the existing procedure for obtaining Serbian citizenship is aggravating and complicated with the main problem being foreign residents refusing to renounce the citizenship of their country of origin.

This, as Stanić Carević points out, will no longer be required. The aforementioned amendments, as well as changes to the relevant regulation on foreign residents and their employment, will encourage foreigners to come to Serbia for work, all with the view of boosting the Serbian economy.

The amendments also stipulate that a foreigner who is granted a temporary stay of at least one year or is here to study or has a diploma recognized by the Serbian authorities can become a Serbian citizen.

The public debate about the amendments to the Citizenship Law will last until Friday.

(RTV, 20.04.2023)



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