What was Trump’s message for Ana Brnabic?

In a brief conversation with the Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic in New York, the US President Donald Trump has referred to the Serbs as “good people.”

Brnabic also thanked the US president for the US administration changing its stance toward Serbia, and for understanding the position of our country on the issue of Kosovo, to which he briefly replied: “Good people.”

Ana Brnabic attended a reception hosted by US President Donald Trump in New York on Monday evening ahead of the start of a general debate at the UN General Assembly.

Serbian PM was one of approximately 200 officials from around the world who had an opportunity for at least a brief conversation with Trump.

America is ready to have the Kosovo issue “re-examined” and if Belgrade and Pristina reach an agreement, they will accept it. Trump has also personally confirmed a change in the US policy towards the Kosovo issue and a relaxation of the relations with the Serbian side. 

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“I cannot say that we had the opportunity to have a long conversation, but on behalf of Serbian citizens, I thanked President Trump for having a fresh understanding and openness towards Serbia, as well as that our voice is heard. The reception was an opportunity to meet with all the leaders of the various state delegations. I spoke with EC President Jean-Claude Juncker, the Prime Minister of Belgium, the presidents of Cyprus and Austria, and other friends from the region, primarily the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov”, said the Prime Minister.

Brnabić will use her visit to the United States and participate in the general debate at the UN General Assembly, meet with world leaders, present what Serbia has done in political and economic reforms, and remind that Serbia is now a very different partner that respects partners in the international community.

When it comes to the talks between Belgrade and Pristina, at the beginning of her visit to New York, she underlined that with its behaviour, official Pristina did not contribute to the dialogue which makes it difficult to reach a solution.

Dacic: We are also defending the Charter

“Serbia’s national priority is to achieve a political solution for the Kosovo issue. We are defending our sovereignty and territorial integrity, defending international law, the UN Charter, preserving international peace and security, as well as its national and historical identity”, said Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic at the Peace Summit dedicated to the anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth.

Dacic, who is a member of the Serbian delegation at a meeting of the UN General Assembly, met with the Chinese counterpart Wang Ji, and confirmed the great friendship, strategic partnership and solid alliance between the two countries.

(Vecernje Novosti, 26.09.2018)



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