What other events are taking place on 17th September in Belgrade apart from Europride?

According to unofficial information from the Danas daily, a series of events are planned for Saturday, 17 September, when the Europride is also due to take place.

First, the promotion of graduates of the Military Academy, which was supposed to take place on Saturday 10 September, has been postponed to Saturday 17 September. A reader of Danas, who was supposed to attend, was informed that the event will be postponed by seven days and that it will start at 10 am in front of the National Assembly in Belgrade.

A Danas reporter wrote to the Ministry of Defence about this without receiving a reply, so it is unclear why the promotion has been postponed, as the authorities know that the Europride organisers will not give up the walk, even if it were to be banned.

On the other hand, the president of the Dveri Movement, Boško Obradović, announced that if the Ministry of the Interior does not ban the Europride, a pro-family-values walk will be held on 17 September, in which 100,000 people will participate. He said that a new pro-family-values march will also be held on 11 September, and a fourth will be held on 17 September if Europride is not cancelled.

The opposition parties in the Serbian parliament – Ne Davimo Beograd, the Democratic Party, the Freedom and Justice Party (SSP) and the Moramo – Zajedno coalition – have invited citizens to participate in a protest on 17 September if Europride is banned.

Also on 17 September, the Red Bull Show Run’ will be held in Belgrade. Driving a Formula 1 car will be only part of the programme, with the German Red Bull Drift Brothers team holding a street drift show, with the Lithuanian driver, Arunas Gibieza, a specialist in acrobatic rides, taking part. The Dejan Petrović Band and Tijana Bogićević will perform at the event.

The car that won the F1 constructors’ and drivers’ titles in 2011 will pass through the centre of Belgrade, and the event will last from 1 pm to 3 pm.

(Danas, 07.09.2022)



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