What kind of autumn is ahead of us?

Although there have been several ‘autumn-like days’ during the first half of September, autumn will officially arrive in the northern hemisphere on 23 September and forecasters are announcing above-average warm months with occasional rainfall’.

We can expect strong thunderstorms similar to tropical storms with a large amount of rain and strong winds in some areas of the Balkans.

As the first day of autumn approaches, rain and low temperatures are becoming more common.

Meteorologist Đorđe Đurić predicts that the temperatures will range between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius next week, with frequent rainfall.

On the other hand, meteorologist Marko Čubrilo points out that gloomy and cold weather with below-average temperatures will last until 22 September. “Until Tuesday, it will be mostly cloudy and unusually cold with occasional rain, while in the higher mountain areas, particularly Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and south-western Serbia, we can expect to see first autumn snow,” says Čubrilo.

A short summer-like interlude awaits us from 22 to 25 September, with dry, sunny and stable weather and a temperature of around 20 degrees during the day, while “towards the end of September, the temperature will drop and rain is expected,” says Đurić.

(Euronews, 20.09.2022)


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