What is the new Museum of Modern Art like?

Now that the entrance to the newly opened Museum of Modern Art in Belgrade is being charged, is the museum still going to be popular with visitors? Is it true that art is interesting to us only if it is free? The team from the Blic daily went to check the newly opened Museum and they were not disappointed.

The Museum is now opened from 10 am to 6 pm every day, except Tuesday. On Thursdays, it is opened until 10 pm. The tickets cost 150 dinars for students and pensioners and 300 dinars for everyone else. The entrance is free on Wednesdays.

We decided to visit the Museum on Thursday evening and we were pleasantly surprised to see numerous people in it. An elderly couple was very interesting in seeing the paintings on the first floor, while a group of teenagers were drawn to the exhibition on the top floor. The energy in the Museum is really nice. We also checked how well the tickets are selling, and the people at the box office said that they were satisfied with the sales.

“Yes, the people continued coming to the Museum even if they have to pay for it now. From 30th October, when the tickets went on sale, until 2nd November, we had 2,615 visitors. And this is only in the space of three days”, the Museum staff says. On average, that means that 100 people visited the Museum every hour which is very encouraging news.

(Blic, 06.11.2017)


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