What is Ana Brnabic like in private?

She watched “The Lord of the Rings” numerous times, is an excellent cook, and an avid exhibition goer. We are talking about the new Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic.

Apart from being the first woman prime minister in Serbian history, Ana Brnabic is different to her predecessors when it comes to her lifestyle, the music that she listens to and her hobbies. We talked to her friends in an effort to get to know what is the prime minister like in private, when she comes home, and changes from her work attire to casual clothes.

“I always wear shirts, even on the beach”, the prime minister was quoted as saying. Speaking of beaches, we found out that she spends almost every summer at her grandparents’ place on the island of Krk.

“She was a swimmer, and that is her favourite sport”, our sources tell us. Still, this summer, she is probably going to skip holidays.

It is more likely that she will spend the little free time she has cooking which is something she loves doing. She is a real epicure, and especially likes Chinese food, in addition to ćevapi and truffles.

Ana Brnabic also likes to travel, and her favourite destinations are Kenya, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania. If you ask her what is her top destination, she quips: “Belgrade!” This is where everything that she needs, i.e. her friends and family, is at.

“She likes to go out to the places that have more of an urban feel”, one of her friends reveals.

She also loves driving, and, if it were up to her, she would never have an official driver because, and we are quoting here, “it is easier for me when I am in the driver’s seat in my car and my life”.

She adores the 1980s music and her favourite band is Depeche Mode which she listens to regardless of her mood. Ana also likes summer the best and when she is happy, she usually says “this is terribly good”. When she is not, she fiddles with her hair and says “I cannot believe it”.

Her father is her role model and she is a team player. She is a movie buff and has seen “The Lord of the Rings” numerous times. Ana is also an avid gallery and exhibition goer, and her favourite painters are Edvard Munch and Ljubica Cuca Sokic.

The prime minister adores animals and currently has two dogs which are very attached to her. Her favourite appliance is a dishwasher, in addition to her Blackberry, which she still uses privately. Her official mobile phone is Samsung which she was given when she became a government minister.

She “borrowed” her life motto from John Lennon – “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end”.

“Serbia is my country, Belgrade is my birth place. My paternal grandfather is from Krk and I love this island especially the village where why my grandfather was born. I have many friends there. Some I have known since I was a child, and some have been friends of my family for generations. My roots are in Serbia. My paternal grandmother is from Gorobilje near Pozega, while my maternal grandparents are from Babusnica. I spent most of my life in Serbia which I love very much and to which I came back after I completed my studies in Great Britain. I always wanted to build my life and career here”, Ana Brnabic says.

(Blic, 04.07.2017)




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