What foreigners usually google about Serbia?

Last year, the most googled words in Serbia were (reality show) Zadruga, (actor) Nebojsa Glogovac and the World Football Cup.

But what do foreigners usually google about Serbia?

With the help of Google search and the Answer the Public website, BBC Serbia made a brief overview of the questions that foreigners usually ask about Serbia.

Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Does Serbia still exist?
  2. How did Serbia get its name?
  3. Is Serbia a third world country?
  4. Is Serbia a part of Russia?
  5. Was Serbia a part of the Ottoman Empire?
  6. Is Serbia an Arab country?
  7. Is Serbia dangerous?
  8. Why did Serbia enter WW1?
  9. Is Serbia a good place to live?
  10. Is Serbia safe to drive through?
  11. What is Serbia most known for?

Foreigners are also interested in finding out whether Serbia is a democratic country, why are Serbs tall and why are they beautiful/handsome.

Of course, there is always a conundrum if Serbia is actually Siberia or even Syria, a question also usually asked by less informed foreigners.

(Danas, 29.07.2019)



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