What does the new law say about public use of electric scooters?

The proposal to amend the Law on Traffic Safety, which was forwarded to the National Assembly for adoption, regulates the use of electric scooters for the first time. The proposal is to ban their use on sidewalks and to make the minimum driving age 14 years old.

About 250,000 electric scooters in Serbia will be incorporated, for the first time, into the Law on Traffic Safety.

“Electric scooters will be allowed on bicycle lanes and where there are none, they will be allowed to use roads, not taking up more than one metre of space,” says Damir Okanović from the Traffic Safety Committee.

Their speed limit will be 50 kilometres per hour. “Whenever scooter drivers use roads, they are obligated to wear a fluorescent or light-reflecting vest must be worn. Protective equipment, like a bicycle helmet, is mandatory”, says Zlatko Belencan from the Traffic Police Administration.

According to the Safe Lanes (Sigurne Staze) Association, the new law discourages the use of electric scooters to a certain extent. They cite as reasons the lack of areas where electric scooters can be freely driven and the imposition of additional expenses for obtaining a sticker issued by the Traffic Safety Agency.

Once the use of electric scooters is legalized, experts expect the launch of many rent-a-scooter companies, as is the case in many countries of the world, so building additional bicycle lanes should become one of the priorities in urban areas.

(RTS, 15.08.2023)


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