What Do Serbians Do in Their Free Time?

Serbia is a country with a rich historical and cultural heritage. From the Byzantine church to Renaissance Venice, from Baroque to Postmodern, from the Hapsburg Dynasty to the former Soviet Union, there has been a host of political and cultural influences on the people of Serbia. This diversity of heritage, along with the work ethic of the Serbian people, contributes to a very high GDP in the country. But no work ethic can be reserved without suitable, balanced, and creative leisure habits.

Many people are curious about what Serbians do in their leisure time. There are many different things that Serbians enjoy doing while they are not working. From football to board games and playing games in the captain cooks casino, the following are some of the more popular things that Serbians enjoy doing in their leisure time.

Board Games

Board games are a great way to spend time with friends and family. There are many different types of board games played by the Serbians. Different card games, roulette, bagatelle, and many other games are in vogue in Serbia. In recent times, Serbia has seen a surge in online strategy and arcade games. Games like Kings of Serbia that go well with Serbian culture are popular with people. Many people also download offline games to play on PC and smartphones. However, board games are played the majority of the time with friends and family. There are also a lot of board games that are played only by kids such as Funskool.

These games are perfect for teaching kids the importance of strategy and teamwork. Due to the East European tradition of intensive play of chess, Serbia is no exception. The widespread habit of playing chess in Serbia accounts for the increasing number of FIDE-rated chess players every year. Recent years have also seen an upsurge in online betting in the country. Many people find their optional leisure in looking up online casino sites and giving in to the thrill of gambling.


Serbians typically have very busy lives, so they take their time to relax and enjoy themselves. Serbians love to have picnics, parties, and barbecues. They also enjoy going to the beach, going to the theater and traveling. Serbians also like to spend their free time working in their house. They like to fix up their homes and make them more comfortable for them to live in. They also enjoy gardening, playing with their pets, and spending time with their children.


Sports are a big part of Serbian culture. They love to watch and play sports. There are many people that like to play soccer, but there are also many people that love to play volleyball. Serbia is also a big country for tennis. They also love winter-time sports, such as skiing and ice skating. But, by far, the most popular sport in Serbia is Football. Obviously, numerous children and teenagers play football, but even a large number of adults play football regularly as a recreational sport, whenever they get free time.


Serbians are very sociable and friendly people. They enjoy spending time with their family and friends and love to go out for a drink, a coffee, or a meal. They also enjoy going to the movies and watching television.

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