What do new amendments to the Planning and Construction Law prescribe?

The new amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction prescribe that once issued information on location conditions cannot be changed during construction, with notaries public now being allowed to issue this information, said the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Goran Vesić.

According to the Government’s website, in the future, real estate developers will have to submit proof of insurance against potential damage to third parties before registering their construction activities, as well as give explicit guarantees that they will pay for repairing possible damage to the local infrastructure, which could occur during construction.

Vesić also pointed out that developers will have to provide evidence of where they have disposed of their construction waste to prevent the emergence of illegal landfills, while, at the same time, local governments will be obliged to have at least 70% of their territory covered by urban plans.

“The law also foresees a catalogue of brownfield investments, which will facilitate construction in cities and municipalities,”  stated Vesić and added that the energy passport will become mandatory.

Most of the new buildings already have energy passports, while the old ones are given a deadline to obtain it – namely 3 years for public buildings, 5 years for companies and 10 years for residential buildings. The local administration will cover the costs of this procedure.

Minister Vesić also said that “expedite issuing of building permits will result in more income from contributions paid on building land”, as well as from the collection of property tax which is a local levy.

The electronic system for issuing building permits (CEOP) will be considerably improved because it is going to have new functionalities and improved existing ones, especially with the implementation of the e-space option, which makes the procedure for drawing up planning documentation more efficient and faster.

The amendments also envisage the formation of the Spatial and Urban Planning Agency that will do some of the Ministry of Construction’s jobs.

(eKapija, 19.03.2023)


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