What did the census show about Serbia’s population?

The average age of the population of Serbia is 43.8 years and women are, on average, older than men by about three years (the average age of women is 45.2 years, and of men 42.4 years).

Compared to the 2011 Census, the average age has increased by about one and a half years, according to the new results of the Population Census published today by the State Statistical Office.

As stated, in the period between the two censuses, there was no significant change in the share of people under the age of 15 in the total population – 14.3% (Census 2011) against 14.4% (Census 2022), but there was a noticeable decrease in the share of persons aged 15–64 – from 68.3% (2011) to 63.5% (2022), i.e. by about five percent, while the share of persons aged 65 and over increased from 17.4% (2011) to 22.1% (2022).

The most unfavourable demographic situation is in the Region of Southern and Eastern Serbia, where almost every fourth person (23.7%) is over 64 years old.

The census also showed that 3,231,978 men and 3,415,025 women live in Serbia.

(N1, 25.05.2023)



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