What did people in Serbia google the most this year?

Google has released its traditional annual list of the most searched words per country in 2022.

One of the most popular tennis players today, Novak Djokovic, topped the list of the most searched terms in Serbia and was also the most searched person in the category of sports personalities. The fact that Novak is the most searched athlete on the global Google list also speaks of the strong interest in the Serbian tennis player’s activities.

Current global and local events, such as the situation in Ukraine and the elections in Serbia, also attracted a lot of attention from people and these were among the top 3 most searched terms in Serbia. The participation of Serbian national teams in major sports events is traditionally accompanied by great interest online, so the current World Cup in football (with the Serbia-Brazil football match being the third most searched term among sports events), as well as Eurobasket, were on the list of the most searched terms.

Singer Konstrakta has attracted enormous attention from the domestic and international public, as well as her Eurovision song contest appearance.

In addition to Djoković, the Serbian volleyball team player, Tijana Bošković and tennis player Daniil Medvedev also topped the list of the most searched terms.

In the category of TV programs, the domestic series „U Klinču“ and foreign series „Stranger Things“ and „Euphoria“ attracted the most attention online in Serbia. Also, the long-awaited series „The House of Dragon“ was a quite popular search item in 2022 in Serbia.

Traditionally, sports events are of great interest to people in Serbia, so as expected, the World Cup in football, which is currently being held in Qatar, is at the top of the list of sports events. As Serbs are big fans of football and basketball, it is not surprising that Eurobasket was the second and the Serbia-Brazil football match the third most searched term on the list of sports events.

The Serbian feature film „Zlatni Dečko“topped the list of the most searched films on Google in 2022 in Serbia, followed by foreign films “Don’t look up” and “Through my window”.

The most searched trade fairs and festivals this year in Serbia were Beer Fest, Book Fair, Exit, Music Week and Auto Fair.

(Biznis i finansije,08.12.2022)


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