What caused the decline in export of Serbian raspberries?

In the last few months, Serbia has been recording a constant decline in export of raspberry compared to previous years, while cold storage units in Western Serbia have huge quantities of frozen raspberry on stock.

The interest shown for Serbian raspberry abroad has been at its lowest in the last ten years – the exporters claim. They also say that the purchase price of frozen raspberry is lower than the one of the fresh which was in the region of around 230 dinars per kilo.

Last year, this fruit was sold for upwards of 320 dinars per kilo. The exporters say that the reason for that is the fact that Poland had a record-breaking year in 2016 when it comes to raspberry yield. Also, the drop in export sales is due to the fact that Serbian exporters mixed the raspberry of lower quality with the top quality sorts like Vilamet and Miker which make over 90% of the overall raspberry production in Serbia. Buyers abroad were unhappy with this decision and some of them even returned entire contingents back.

Agricultural experts claim that the bad situation with the export of this fruit will be resolved soon, adding that the exporters should not mix the two qualities together and be purely driven by profit. In 2015, Serbia was at the very top in the world when it comes to raspberry export with 105,000 tons. In 2014, the country generated 248 million EUR from exporting this fruit.

The advantage that our country has is that the two prevalent sorts in Serbia – Vilamet and Miker – are extremely tasty and that almost no country in the world can compete with that. Furthermore, Serbia is well-known all over the world for these two sorts so the winning formula should not be changed.

(Blic, 16.02.2017)


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