What activity do people in Serbia spend most of their time on?

Oftentimes, fast living in the modern world leaves people stressed because we are unable to reconcile our desires and obligations with our personal and professional life.

We rarely take a break in our daily routine and take time for ourselves, our family and friends – the results of an online survey conducted by Addiko Bank in Serbia, in the first week of July, show.

Two-thirds of those surveyed admit that they rarely find time for themselves, and only 16% do so every day; family commitments (55%) and work commitments (32%) are cited as the main reasons for the chronic lack of time.

When taking a moment to relax, the majority of respondents (77%) spend their free time resting or on cultural events (15%), while 7% of them do recreational/sports activities.

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65% of respondents read books (25% do so every day), three-quarters of citizens regularly watch at least one television series, and just over half spend at least one hour a day playing with their children.

The results of the online survey show that respondents consider queuing as the biggest waste of time (42%): the longest waiting time is at the doctor’s (43%), in the shop (20%), then in the local municipal offices (19%) and in the bank (18%).

70% of people use city transport uses and more than half of them spend at least 15 minutes a day waiting at the bus stop.

The cumulative daily waiting time varies between 30 and 60 minutes, which most people spend on going on social media (36%) and playing games (22%). This is not surprising as 54% of respondents spend at least one hour a day looking at their mobile phone’s screen.

(eKapija, 17.07.2019)



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