Website for reporting unfair competition to be launched in April

Thanks to a website, companies in Serbia will be now able to report online to the state inspection cases of unfair competition or certain irregularities and inconsistencies in the conduct of the inspector – this was announced today by the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government.

“There will be a complaint form on the website and after submitting a complaint, it will be possible to follow the case to the end,” Dragan Pusara, head of the support unit at the Inspection Supervisory Commission of the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government, told the Beta news agency.

He went on to say that that will further improve the work of inspectors and help in the fight against corruption.

“Through the E-inspektor website, we can currently monitor the work of 36 inspections of the Republic and five more inspection services from the Ministry of Agriculture, will be included by the year-end,” Pusara added.

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He went on to say that the Tax Administration’s system will then be integrated with E-inspektor, but inspectors will only be able to see the information about the solvency of the inspected company in order to see whether the company has any debt or is there a case of non-compliance under the Law of Tax Inspection.

Pusara also said that the E-inspektor system is a tool that facilitates the work done by the inspectors, as it contains inspection orders, reports, records, decrees, requests for the launch of criminal proceedings and reports of economic crimes, as well as provides information on the results of other inspections.

“We have formed a unique register of entities and facilities that have been subjected to inspection, with the information on over two million entities/facilities – companies, schools, hospitals, nurseries and colleges, which are all subject to inspection supervision,” he said.

He explained that all members of the register are classified according to the degree of risk, which helps inspectors to see if more frequent inspections are needed.

(, Beta, 07.03.2020)

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