We are borrowing more and more from banks

At the end of April this year, the total debt on the account of unpaid bank loans in Serbia amounted to 2,958 billion dinars and was 12.2 percent higher than a year earlier, while that debt increased by 1.4 percent in a space of just one month, according to the report of the Credit Bureau of the Association Banks of Serbia.

Citizens owe 1.233 billion dinars based on loans, of which 579 billion are cash loans, and 497 billion are housing loans and loans for home renovation and adaptation.

Household credit indebtedness increased by 14.2 percent in one year, and by 1.1 percent compared to the previous month.

In one year, granted retail consumer loans grew by more than a quarter, and at the end of April, they amounted to 17.5 billion dinars.

Companies owe a total of 1,660 billion dinars on the account of unpaid loans, which is an increase of 10.5 percent in a year, while small business owners are 64.9 billion dinars in debt, or 22 percent more than a year ago.

3.5 percent of corporate clients and 2.2 percent of retail clients are late with paying their loans.

Compared to the situation a year ago, the delay in payment has declined by 0.7 percent, and compared to last month, by 0.1 percent.

At the end of April, 5.4 million people in Serbia have taken out some kind of a loan, and there are 7.8 million open current accounts.

The amount of the allowed overdraft stood at 43.4 billion dinars, which is 7.2 percent less than a year ago, and the number of current accounts in arrears is also lower.

In this period, the number of overdue credit card bills was almost 60,000, which is 12.4 percent more than a year earlier.

(Blic, 17.05.2021)



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