WCO refuses admission of Kosovo

At today’s session of the World Customs Organization (WCO), dedicated to the issue of Kosovo becoming a member of this organization, Kosovo was stripped off its vote in the organization, and the issue of its membership has been postponed until further notice – the Serbian Foreign Ministry informs.

The WCO has scheduled an extraordinary session for the end of 2017 to discuss this issue again, but, for now, the Organization’s decision from 2012, according to which it was premature to accept Kosovo into the organization, is still in force.

In the meantime, the World Customs Organization proposed formation of a task force that would consider “Kosovo’s case” and suggest a solution in regard to it.

The Serbian Foreign Ministry, the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, and the Serbian Customs Administration have been working together on preventing the illegitimate attempt by Kosovo government at becoming a WCO member.

Belgium, which is the WCO’s depositary, and the WCO General Secretariat, had been working towards allowing Kosovo to become a WCO member despite the WCO Council’s decision from 2012. After they also tried to include the issue of Kosovo’s membership in the WCO’s daily agenda, but Serbia and twenty other countries, also WCO members, protested against it.

(Politika, 08.07.2017)



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