Warning strike at Fiat Serbia

The trade union of FCA Plastik, formerly Magneti Marelli, which now operates under Fiat Chrysler Automobili (FCA) Serbia, announced that they would organize another warning strike in a week.

According to the trade union, the strike will be held because the employer does not respect the agreement with the union, the workers having to work in irregular work conditions and the employer exerting pressure on the workers that went on strike.

The president of the Independent Trade Union at FCA Plastik, Aleksandar Korac, told the Beta agency that a warning strike was held last Thursday, and that the workers were subjected to a lot pressure with the managers demanding from workers to declare in advance whether they would go on strike or not.to

Korac says that that constitutes a serious violation of the relevant laws, and that labour inspection was notified.

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“The working conditions are inappropriate, that is, the work guidelines are not respected in the part referring to the temperature in the production halls when the outside temperature is extremely low or high. Some work areas have no heat, or even if they are heated, a lot of heat is lost due to the draft which significantly cools the air”, Korac said.

He also pointed to a series of “direct attempts” to break up the factory’s trade union, as well as that the conflict between the workers and the management has been going on for a while as a result of unlawfully conducted negotiations on a new Collective Agreement and the adoption of the work guidelines that are not in accordance with the law.

He added workers would strike until the employer decided to treat the workers in line with the relevant law.

FCA Plastik factory, which is part of FCA Group, employs about a hundred workers who are producing bumpers for Fiat 500L model.

(B92, 11.02.2019)



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