Warning strike at Fiat Kragujevac

Members of the trade union at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia (FCA) have held a warning strike at the company’s factory in Kragujevac.

Around 500 workers gathered around the main building on FCA’s premises to demand from the management to increase the basic salary to 45,000 dinars, and to reduce the load on those workers who, apart from their own work, also have to do the work of people who are on sick or maternity leave.

Also, they demanded to be compensated for transportation costs and the disbursement of the agreed efficiency bonus.

The workers say that the strike will continue on Monday and Tuesday too if no progress has been made in the company management meeting their requirements.

According to the president of FCA’s trade union, Zoran Markovic, the strike entails stopping all production activity for an hour and the workers assembling in front of the administrative building on the company’s premises.

The trade union president and his deputy refused to take phone calls from the press, while TV crews were not allowed on Fiat’s premises.

(N1, 23.06.2017)


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