Wall Street Journal: Serbia ideal country for foreigners

According to the prestigious American magazine, Wall Street Journal, Serbia has excellent living and working conditions, and thanks to that, an increasing number of foreigners from all over the world, primarily IT experts, are choosing Serbia as a place to move to.

“Up to one million Russians are estimated to have left Russia since Feb. 23, many taking their businesses with them. The flow increased after the Russian government began drafting men last month to replenish its troops in Ukraine. In the early days of Moscow’s war in Ukraine, Turkey, Dubai and Georgia welcomed large numbers of Russians. But many of them are now flocking to Serbia, a country that is seeking to join the European Union and enjoys tariff-free trade with the bloc”, the magazine writes.

“As the EU cuts economic ties with Moscow, the Slavic nation has become a bridgehead for Russian companies and graduates, especially tech workers. Some exiles are here so that they can maintain business ties with the West despite sanctions. Others are simply fleeing President Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian regime. The exodus is one of the many costs that Russia has had to pay for Mr. Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, one that could burden the country—and benefit its neighbors—for years, even decades after the conflict ends,” the WSJ article says.

“Incentives for foreign investors include a 70% discount on taxes and social contributions for five years as well as other subsidies, said Nenad Paunovic, a senior Serbian official involved in attracting foreign capital. The system was originally designed to appeal to Western companies such as Microsoft Corp., which runs a development centre in Belgrade.

(Politika, Wall Street Journal, 27.10.2022)


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