Wage increases in public sector starting from 2018

Public sector employees in Serbia will get 5% higher salaries, on average, as of 1st January, 2018.

This is what the Blic daily reports, citing a source close to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The source also says that it is too early to say what the exact hike is going to be, but it is realistic to expect for army, police, medical workers and teachers to be given the highest increase – 6% or 7%.

Social services employees, and people working in judiciary and cultural institution will get a 3% hike.

The source adds that those hikes will serve as a test. “The exact hike will be revealed in 2018 when the IMF comes to Serbia to do the last review of the stand-by arrangement with Serbia which will happen on 26th October. The talks with the IMF will also touch upon the state budget and the fiscal plans for next year”, the source says.

In October, the IMF and the Serbian government will also work on the 2018 budget.

Serbian Finance Minister, Dusan Vujovic said last week that it was likely that the civil servant salaries would go up, and that the government was carefully calculating how high that hike would be.

The head of IMF’s office in Serbia, Sebastian Sosa says: “Increasing civil servant salaries and pensions, as announced by the Serbian government, will be a part of the upcoming talks about the 2018 state budget between the technical mission of the IMF and the Serbian officials”.

(Nova Ekonomija, 12.09.2017)


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