Vulin should explain his photo with Kovacevic

The photo featuring the current Interior Minister, Aleksandar Vulin, who is smiling and hugging the former leader of the FC Rad’s fans Vladimir Kovacevic Kovac, raises a number of questions that a government minister should answer.

When was the photo taken?

According to the photo, Vulin and Kovacevic posed as friends at a mass event. The photo was probably taken at the Beer Fest, which took place in the last few days in Belgrade, or it could be at another concert as a stage can be seen in the background.

Did Vulin know who he was hugging?

Presuming that Kovacevic and Vulin do not know each other, it is hard to believe that a person with a criminal file could simply approach and hug Minister Vulin. Despite the fact that he himself has always presented himself as a man of the people, trying to please everyone, it is unbelievable that he would allow a person with criminal affiliations to take a picture with him.

If he did not know, who is responsible?

The Minister’s security services, whose focus is to guard the minister at all times, should have been better informed about the identity of persons who have criminal affiliations. During mass events, the security risk should be minimised.

What is the status of the investigation into the man Vulin is hugging?

Vladimir Kovacevic’s name had appeared in the crime news in previous years, especially in the context of the disappearance of Aleksandar Halabrin, whose body, after a two-month search, was found buried in a shallow grave in Sopot. In a conversation with journalists, Aleksandar’s mother, Mara, had mentioned Kovacevic’s name several times as the person her son was supposed to meet in Banjica when he was seen alive for the last time.

Will he resign as the interior minister?

This photograph, apart from being controversial in itself, regardless of when it was taken and under what circumstances, saw the light of day when Minister Vulin announced the final showdown with the organized crime groups. In his demagoguery, he uses phrases such as “criminals are the subject of serious police work in Serbia” and “Serbia is not and will not be a breeding ground for crime” referring mainly to the criminal gang of Veljko Belivuk and Marko Miljkovic. It remains to be seen what explanation the Minister will give about the photo and if he plans to resign.

(Nova, 23.08.2021)



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