Vulin: Restricted movement of migrants in Obrenovac

The migrants who reside in reception center in Obrenovac, a municipality in the City of Belgrade, will be allowed to go out only if they have an appropriate permission, minister Aleksandar Vulin announces.

According to Radio-television of Serbia (RTS), Vulin said that that was decided following “the incident, when a group of migrants attacked a woman in Obrenovac”, adding that tougher control has been introduced. He went on to say that “adequate restrictions on migrants’ movement were applied to improve the security of both migrants and the local population”.

The number of deployed policemen at the centre has been increased while “the situation” in the reception center is now “calm”, according to RTS.

“The migrants will be allowed to leave the center and come back at the set time only if they have a permission”, Vulin said. He added that the government had provided a special bus to directly transfer migrants from the Obrenovac reception center to  Belgrade.

At the same time, he promised that “the state would do everything in its power to restore order”. Vulin appealed to everybody to refrain from making judgments about the incident before official institutions get the adequate conclusions.

“They are the only ones who are authorized to make that kind of a decision, and I would like to appeal everybody to wait together for it”, minister stressed obviously alluding to the reported incident. He also said that Serbia would not change its migration policy, because “it is more of a law enforcement issue”.

“If a migrant violates the law, he will be penalized. The same applies to Serbian nationals. We are talking about law enforcement, and not about who in particular violates the law”, Vulin explained.

(IBNA, 01.02.2017)

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