Vulin: Beretta interested in collaborating with Zastava

Serbian Defence Minister, Aleksandar Vulin says that the Italian company, Beretta is interested in collaborating with Serbian companies in the defence sector.

“Beretta has expressed interest for certain companies in our defence sector, and, if Serbia adopts the Law on Investing in Defence Industry, foreign companies will be allowed to invest in Serbian weapons factories”, Vulin added.

He met with Beretta’s owner, Franco Gussalli Beretta in Milan in order to discuss possibilities of cooperation with the Serbian weapons factories.

Vulin also said that having Beretta was a great reference for other investors, as it sends a good signal for other companies to come and invest in Serbia.

“Beretta did express its interest in cooperating with Zastava. Kragujevac (where Zastava seat is) is a town that is well-acquainted with Italy and vice versa. The Italian investors here are quite satisfied with the skills and innovation potential of our engineers and workers”, Vulin added.

Tomorrow, the Serbian Defence Minister is due to meet with the representatives of the Italian company, Leonardo in Rome.

(RTS, 23.10.2017)

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