Vulin at Mauthausen: Kosovo is not a state

The flag of the non-existent state of Kosovo is an insult to all victims of the Second World War, Aleksandar Vulin has said at the Mauthausen concentration camp.

Speaking on Monday, the Serbian Minister of Labour, Social and Veteran Affairs explained his walkout over the weekend at the site of the Nazi death camp in Mauthausen, Austria, in this way:

“To stand under the flag of Kosovo, an unrecognized, non-existent state – as if it had been a member of the (WW2) anti-Hitler coalition – would represent an insult to all victims, an insult to the memory of the Second World War, an insult to international law itself.”

Vulin, speaking to reporters on Monday during a gathering to mark the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, said he left the ceremony at Mauthausen – after unveiling a memorial dedicated to the Serb victims of the death camp – and that he was unaware that any member of the Serbian government could have acted any differently.

Vulin said he would “not go into the policies of other states” – among them those that have recognized Kosovo – “and who think that killing Serb children, the death of Milica Rakic (3-year-old victim of NATO’s 1999 bombing), the bombing of a train in Grdelica, the expulsion of 250,000 and the killing of thousands of Serbs from Kosovo” all represent “collateral damage.”

“You must understand – to us, Kosovo is unrecognized, the talks with Pristina’s representatives are taking place in line with (UNSC) Resolution 1244. It is said very clearly, the territory of Kosovo and Metohija is a territory under UN’s temporary administration, in line with Resolution 1244 – it is not a state,” Vulin said.

The minister pointed out that “our people” who sit in the Kosovo government do not represent the state, but rather Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija – “in line with Resolution 1244.”

“Serbia will not recognize Kosovo. As much as we may negotiate about improving everyday life of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, we will never recognize Kosovo and Metohija as a state, their flag will always be offensive to us, and them showing up in places reserved for states, will always be offensive to us,” Vulin concluded.

(B92, 08.05.2017)


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