Vuletic: PSG members are leaving the movement in droves

“I left the Free Citizens’ Movement because its underlying idea now is that political views don’t matter anymore, and all that you need to do is to curse at Vucic and become eligible for citizens’ support”, said Zoran Vuletic, the former member of the Free Citizens Movement’s Presidency for the Danas daily.

“The Movement is no longer about the policies I have advocated while the basis for creating a modern, European Serbia has been defeated. Unfortunately, yesterday it became clear to me that political views are irrelevant and that all you need to do is to swear at Vucic and win over citizen support”, Vuletic adds..

He goes on to say that the election for the new Movement’s president was like picking the main actor to play in Nusic’s comedy.

Vuletic also claims that, apart from him, Rade Veljanovski, Milos Markovic, Snezana Tasov, Jena Maglai, Radomir Djinic, Zoran Hamovic, Radomir Djunic and Aleksandar Olenik will all leave the Movement too.

“Almost every prominent figure in the Movement will leave, and I believe that the members of Vozdovac, Zvezdara, Rakovica and Zemun’s branches will do the same. The only branch that will remain and is worth something is Palilula”, Vuletic predicts.

Members of the Free Citizens’ Movement (PSG) appointed actor Sergej Trifunovic as the president. Trifunovic won 60% of the votes at the election assembly meeting, which lasted almost six hours. Also, two Presidency members were elected in secret vote – Petar Miletic and Lidija Martinovic.

The PSG was founded in May 2017, after Sasa Jankovic won second place in presidential election with 16% of votes. Jankovic was also supported by the Democratic Party.

In the meantime, several prominent figures from the movement left, while in December 2018, Sasa Jankovic withdrew from political life and as the head of PSG. After leaving the position, he said he did not want to cause division in the opposition and added that he would remain a member of PSG.

(N1, 28.01.2019)

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