Vuk Jeremic: “I am unpleasantly surprised by the decision made by Djilas’ party”

The president of the People’s Party (Narodna Stranka – NS), Vuk Jeremic, said he was unpleasantly surprised after learning that the Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP), the Sloga United Trade Unions and the Movement for Change (Pokret za preokret) are forming a joint parliamentary caucus, adding that his party’s agreement with Djilas’ party, SSP, has fallen through because of “different values”.

“Even after the unpleasant experience of Nikola Jovanović’s attempt to leave our party for the SSP, we offered Djilas cooperation followed by the formation of a joint caucus. We insisted that the principles should be put in writing to ensure that there will be no future abuses or ‘stealing’ members or undermining other partner organizations, which happened in Alliance for Serbia, Jeremic told Nova S TV.

He noted that these principles were clearly unacceptable to Djilas who decided to form his own parliamentary group.

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Regarding the attempt to unite the opposition on the issue of fighting for better electoral conditions, Jeremic said that the People’s Party is committed to cooperating between the opposition parties in order to achieve better electoral conditions and that it is open to cooperating with the SSP and others who boycotted previous elections.

Jeremic also referred to the expulsion of the Montenegrin Ambassador from Belgrade, Tarzan Milosevic, followed as a diplomatic retaliatory measure, and considered that it was a good move, because every country must react if its ambassador is expelled from another country, and apply reciprocity, but sees the subsequent revocation of this decision as “a humiliation of Serbian diplomacy”.

He believes that the decision, which he attributes to President Aleksandar Vucic, has violated the credibility of Minister Selakovic, who is at the beginning of his term as the foreign minister.

(Blic, 01.12.2020) 


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