Vucic:”We’re heading toward the escalation of the conflict”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday while attending the Abu Dhabi Arms Fair, that the West wants to take the Kosovo card out of the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Speaking live from Abu Dhabi for Pink TV, Vucic also said that Serbia will face increasing difficulties as the global situation grows more complicated. He said the Ukraine conflict will escalate because neither US President Joe Biden nor Russian President Vladimir Putin mentioned peace in their speeches yesterday, only victory.

He stated that both Putin and Biden confirmed the huge differences in their perception of today’s world and the events ahead, so it is not difficult to predict that the conflict will escalate further.

“For Putin, the truth is on his side, for Biden – Ukraine is not a place where Russia will win and it is clear that we are heading towards the further escalation of the conflict. It is clear that no one is willing to accept the middle ground but only victory. There is no doubt that the situation is very difficult and that it will become even more difficult”, Vucic warned.

Commenting on criticism over his handling of the Kosovo issue, Vucic asked: “Do you want peace … or to send your children to war”. “You want peace? Don’t moan about everything being treason,” he said.

Vucic said that contrary to what Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said earlier, the Community of Serb Municipalities would be discussed in Brussels, adding that Kurti would demand recognition of Kosovo’s independence by Serbia before agreeing to everything.

The President of Serbia went on to say that the Serbian government would sign with their UAE counterparts a contract stipulating the purchase of the so-called suicide drones and that the two sides need to iron out certain technical details before signing the contract.

(Euronews, 21.02.2023)

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