Vucic:”There are four candidates for the prime minister position”

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said he had four candidates for the post of future prime minister, two are well-known and two are not.

Asked whether the same ministers will remain in the new government, Vučić said: ‘Some will, but a good number will not. A large segment of the new government will be made up of new people,’ Vucic told Pink TV.

Speaking about the position of the future PM, he said there are four candidates: “Two are well-known – Ana Brnabić and Siniša Mali”.

Asked whether he was satisfied with the work of the government ministers, Vučić said he was satisfied with Ana Brnabić, Siniša Mali and a handful of other ministers, but not with the rest of them.

(Nova, 14.07.2022)

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