Vucic’s party collects the signatures of Serbian citizens from abroad to manipulate the election?

The Free Citizens’ Movement (Pokret Slobodnih Građana – PSG) claims that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has started collecting data on Serbian citizens living and working abroad in order to manipulate their vote on election day.

The statement states that a member of the Movement’s legal team, Vuk Djordjevic, was approached by a citizen who no longer lives in Serbia, claiming that an acquaintance of his, an SNS activist, asked for that personal information, as well as contacts of other people in his surroundings which he needed “for the election of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and for her to get a job in exchange.”

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“It is clear that the SNS activists have the task of collecting personal data of our citizens living abroad in order to put into practice what they have been doing for years, i.e. to cast the votes of people who do not live in Serbia after the closure of the polling stations. If the electoral boycott is implemented, there will be no opposition members supervising the polling stations which makes this task will be even easier”, says the PSG.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, there are 1.5 million people who have emigrated abroad, but due to the complicated process of voting abroad, no more than 15,000 of them usually vote, which leaves a huge number of ballots that can be manipulated with.

Djordjevic also says that the PSG’s legal team will closely monitor the entire electoral process and called on citizens who find irregularities in the election campaign and polling stations to report them in order for the opposition to react and expose rigged and irregular elections.

The PSG also invites citizens to take the opportunity to check after the elections whether they voted and to find out, if they did not vote, whether someone did it for them.

(Nedeljnik, 13.02.2020)

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