Vucic:”Putin is coming to Serbia in October”

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, announced yesterday that preparations have begun for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Serbia in October, when he will celebrate the anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade from fascists in World War II.

“During Putin’s visit, a page from the Miroslav Gospel will be returned to Serbia, to the National Museum,” Vučić added.

The President told journalists that he will meet with Putin in Moscow on June 23, two days after the elections, where he will participate in the parade on June 24 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the victory over Fascism.

“Our Guard is already there and getting ready,” Vucic said.

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Responding to the question from journalists about the SNS’ media presence during the election campaign, Vučić said that it is easy to measure seconds and minutes, but not “paid airtime”.

“We pay for TV appearances and not stash our money away, as some others do,” said Vučić and invited everyone to take the RTS TV as example.

“My party participated only once in the face-to-face discussions and not once in the Upitnik political show, while others were guests several times. It’s a typical excuse that when someone fails to score a good election result, it’s always the media to blame,” he added.

When asked about the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro resuming liturgies today, following the problems it has been encountering, Vučić said he was confident that everything would be peaceful.

Commenting on an anti-Serb graffiti in Zagreb where Serbs were depicted hanging from a tree with a caption “A Serbian Family Tree”, Vučić said:”I don’t know why you sound surprised, as if there were no graffiti or threats to Serbs in Croatia made practically every day.”

“We want good relations with Croatia, but we will not allow anyone to humiliate our people,” Vučić concluded.

(N1, 14.06.2020)

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