Vucic:”Opposition needs to decide – early election or my head on a platter”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic wrote in his column for the Srpski Telegraf daily that “the opposition should finally tell the people what they want – early elections or his head on a platter”, and told them to “better be straightforward and admit that they want his head because they cannot come to power otherwise”.

He went on to say that “it was clear that the opposition was not ready for elections since in the last seven years they had been losing more than convincingly.” ”And, if the elections are not their aim, what is it then? What did they want to achieve by storming the RTS building,  by surrounding the Presidency building, by organising protests in which ‘entire Serbia will participate’?” Vucic asked.

“You win power in this country by winning in the elections and those who want that done differently should say so. They should not hide behind the children or behind anybody who is, with or without a valid reason, unhappy with the current situation, nor should they resort to stupid jokes,” Vucic wrote.

According to him, in his 25-year-long political career, he had lost and won elections but “had never done anything by force.”

“I always congratulated winners and did not protest when some political combinations had prevented me from assuming the post which I won in the election. I don’t think I am either infallible or irreplaceable,” the Serbian President said.

“You will get your answer at the elections. Exactly the one you deserve. Clear and precise, a real answer to those who think they can lie to Serbia today like they did in the past. And there are no chainsaws or gallows that can help you,” Vucic added, alluding to the props that some protesters carried during the demonstrations.

(Danas, 25.03.2019)



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