Vucic:”Minimum wage will be just over 35,000 dinars as of 1st January”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has revealed that the minimum salary from January next year will be 35,025 dinars.

„We have made a decision to increase the minimum wage by 9.4 percent. That minimum wage will now amount to 35,025 dinars. That’s about an 11.5 percent increase in nominal terms. Our inflation, as estimated, will be around 3.5 percent,“ Vucic said for B92 television.

He said that from January 1, pensions will also increase by 5.5 percent.

„Along with that, pensioners will get 20,000 dinars and we will provide more help and support for them,“ the president said.

According to him, salaries in the public sector will grow between seven and eight percent.

„All health workers, members of the army and workers in the social sector will have an increase of eight percent, and the rest about seven percent,“ said Vucic.

Vucic announced that the one-off payment of 30 euros or 3,520 dinars to which over 5.7 million adult Serbian citizens are eligible to receive will start on Monday, November 1.

“We calculated that the state deficit will be about 3.8 billion euros, but in the meantime, the projection has been reduced, so that today the deficit is 98 billion dinars or about 800 million euros,” he added.

Explaining the decision to increase public servant salaries and pensions, he said that “we had doubts, whether to make pre-election increases of everything or to further reduce the deficit and public debt; we decided for the latter, so that next year we would be among the best countries in terms of having tidy public finances,” Vucic said.

 (Danas, 31.10.2021)


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