Vučić:”I’m happy with what I heard at UN SC session”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said, following the urgent UN Security Council session on Kosovo on Thursday, that he is satisfied with what he heard at the session and described it as “a small but significant victory for Serbia.”

The UN Security Council held in New York an urgent session to address the Pristina government’s decision to ban the use of the Serbian dinar in Kosovo.

The session was held at Serbia’s request and, in addition to Vučić, it was also attended by Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti.

“I am satisfied with what heard. Great Britain and Switzerland took the harshest stance against us, mostly taking Pristina’s side,” he said, adding that the position expressed by France was fair and that those of Algeria, China, Russia, Ecuador, Sierra Leone, and Mozambique were exceptional.

Vučić said the most important thing is that Serbia used facts to speak about all that is happening in Kosovo.

He added it was very important that Serbia’s arguments were heard, because the session was open to the public, adding that he is grateful the UN agreed to have the meeting and to it being open.

“However you look at it, this was a small but significant victory for Serbia,” stressed Vučić.

(, 09.02.2024)čić-zadovoljan-sam-onim-sto-sam-cuo-na-sednici-sb-un-o-kosovu-mala-ali-znacajna-pobeda-srbije/35717022

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