Vucic:”If Pristina doesn’t withdraw tariffs, Belgrade will retaliate”

Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic said that his country was facing a “terribly difficult” period concerning Kosovo and that Belgrade was only asked to recognize its independence, adding his party would decide “on countermeasures if Pristina did not revoke the tax on goods from Serbia before May 6th”.

At the meeting of the Central Board of his party Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) on Tuesday, Vucic also said that the pressure on Serbia to acknowledge Kosovo as an independent state would continue increasing and that the only thing Belgrade was constantly asked to do is to recognize Kosovo’s independence.

“The pressures will be stronger for full independence without division (of Kosovo), and we should be happy if they don’t introduce a special tribunal for the Serbs,” Vucic said.

He added that in the last few weeks many officials insisted with him that Serbia “does something to hearten the Albanians to abolish the taxes.”

Vucic also told his party officials he would talk to world leaders, but that Serbia “cannot expect anything good” at the Berlin meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron.

“I only expect them to ask for a new beginning and to demand a new format of the dialogue which should end in recognition of Kosovo while the Serbs would get nothing. They will ask us to resume talks with the Albanians with taxes still in place,” Vucic said about the forthcoming meeting.

However, he said he would not discuss anything before the tax was lifted.

“I will not resume any dialogue without the tax being abolished,” Vucic promised his party officials.

The SNS also discussed preparations for a rally “Stop the Violence” that is supposed to be held in Belgrade on April 19th under the auspices of Vucic’s campaign “The future of Serbia”, as well as the situation in Kosovo, the current political circumstances and parliamentary election.

(Nedeljnik, 16.04.2019)




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