Vučić:”I will resign if opposition wins – 10,000 dinars for each high school student”

“I will bear the consequences of the SNS’ defeat if Đilas, Lazović, Tepić (opposition leaders) and others form the government. If the people want them, I would apologize to the people and say – sorry, some other people have arrived and I will schedule presidential elections,” said the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić during his guest appearance on Pink TV.

Speaking about the economic situation in the country, he said that in 2027, the average salary will be 1,400 euros, and the average pension will be 650 euros, provided the SNS stays in power.

In a move that many see as overstepping his constitutional powers, Vučić also said that high school students in Serbia would get 10,000 dinars each from the state budget.

“In the next ten days, we will transfer the money to local governments, which will then make the payments,” Vučić told Pink TV, adding that he had discussed that with Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and Finance Minister Sinisa Mali.

The Serbian President also said he “believes that this is a particularly important measure ahead of the holiday season.”

Furthermore, he announced that students in Serbia would get 1,000 dinars each through their student cards.

“66,000 students have already applied for student cards,” said Vučić.

The President has also promised 20,000 dinars to all pensioners by November 30, student card discounts and 10,000 dinars to all welfare recipients.

Serbian parliamentary and local elections in over 60 cities and municipalities are to be held on December 17.

(Vreme, 27.11.2023)

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