Vucic:”I want to see an even more convincing victory of SNS at spring elections”

The Serbian Progressive Party celebrated its eleventh birthday last night in Novi Sad. More than six thousand people gathered at SPENS sports and commercial centre and at least, as many remained outside.

Thousands of members of the ruling party arrived in Novi Sad to celebrate the party’s birthday from all over Serbia, transported to the capital of Vojvodina by over a hundred buses.

In a half-hour speech, SNS President Aleksandar Vucic paid tribute to the party members and supporters, pointing out that, in a few years, they had succeeded in transforming Serbia and stopping its collapse.

He announced that the national investment plan for the next four years, which will amount to close to 10 billion euro and which will facilitate further economic progress for Serbia, would be revealed in November.

In particular, 500 million euro will be allocated to the construction of apartments for young married couples in order to help them with starting a family and stop the brain drain. Vucic also said that more young people would be included in party bodies and in electoral lists for the next elections. He also mentioned the SNS holding an academy for young leaders which provided training for 300 young people.

During the celebration, the National Theatre choir performed the Serbian anthem “Boze pravde”, Bane Krstic and Garavi Sokak sang “Biće bolje ako budeš tu”, and Aca Lukas sang “Ovo je Srbija” at the end of the evening.

In the audience, the first three rows were occupied by ordinary party members, while party officials and ministers were only given seats from the fourth row onwards.

Vucic also said that the elections would take place in March or April next year and that he expected the SNS to win even more convincingly, thus demonstrating that “Serbia has strength and confidence in its future”.

He again announced important changes in the party in the upcoming internal elections in November, stressing that those who fought only for their own interests should be removed from the ranks.

(Danas, 28.10.2019)



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