Vučić:”I don’t think that early election would be good for Serbia at the moment”

During his guest appearance on Pink TV, Serbian president, Aleksandar Vučić, spoke about the current issues, including a possibility of an early election, the recent incidents in the National Parliament, the SNS’s relations with their main coalition partner the SPS and lithium exploration in Serbia.

Vučić noted that he did not think early elections were a good idea, despite reports that he hinted at running for prime minister a day earlier.

“In these hard times, we see that we can count only on ourselves”, Vučić said.

His words came after the row in the ruling coalition between his party – the SNS – and its smaller partner in the Government, the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS).

“We talked about Kosovo and Metohija, we tackled many important issues and the citizens saw that, who was serious and who was not. I was hoping that they will at least push the button (to vote) but they did not do even that”, he noted.

He repeated his accusations against the opposition that they were eager to start riots and “all for the benefit of foreign services”. “Their plan was to spontaneously bring people together over something that I did or did not say, but it failed”, Vučić added.

He also denied playing a major role in the talks in Brussels. “The Brussels Agreement was mentioned in the Assembly over 100 times, in a negative context and I was always to blame, not (SPS leader) Ivica Dacic who signed it. But, In politics, you always have some that are fighting and some that are hiding,” he added.

“I spoke to Ivica Dačić today and I will see him tomorrow too and talk. I do not think that elections are a wise idea at this moment. But do I trust the (the SPS)? Personally, I don’t and neither did they trust us. We respect that political party but now we know, that in hard times, we can count only on us (SNS)”, Vucic said.

As far as the lithium exploration in Serbia goes, the Serbian president lamented:” There are people who prevented us from doing that. Now, Scholz (the German Chancellor) is saying that Germany must get involved in lithium production. Instead of utilizing our comparative ability, we did nothing. We let others overtake us”.

(Blic, 07.02.2023)



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