Vucic:”I did not sign any agreements with Zelenskyy in Tirana”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday that Serbia didn’t sign any arrangements or agreements with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy regarding arms or ammunition.

Vucic attended a Ukraine-Southeast Europe summit in the Albanian capital Tirana on Wednesday.

“No, we did not sign any arrangements with President Zelenskyy. We support the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and they support the territorial integrity of Serbia. And we are deeply grateful to them. Both countries support the regulations of the UN Charter and UN resolutions, which are the foundation and the basis of international public law,” Vucic said in response to a query by a foreign media outlet, which also asked him about Serbia’s “hybrid position” on Ukraine and Russia after he signed on Wednesday a declaration condemning Russian aggression on Ukraine but said Serbia would not impose sanctions on Russia.

He said it was not a “hybrid position” but a very clear position of a free country that was making its decisions on its own, for itself and for the good of its own people.

He also said Serbia itself had been under sanctions for almost a decade in the past and that “we know very well how that worked.”

“We have taken our position, which is not an easy one, and it is unique in all of Europe. We are very proud of that,” Vucic said, adding that Serbia had a very rational and pragmatic approach to the issue.

“I do not know whether we will be able to say it will last forever because you never know what kind of pressure we will face. But so far, we have resisted all types of pressure and we are watching very closely all developments concerning our national and state interests,” he said.

He reiterated that he had had a long and very fair conversation with Zelenskyy on Wednesday about all topics, including the situation on the Ukraine front, as well as bilateral relations with Ukraine.

“We discussed humanitarian issues and the European paths of Serbia and Ukraine,” he added.

(Politika, 29.02.2024)


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