Vucic:”Friday to Monday curfew to be reinstated in Belgrade”

“From tomorrow, any public gathering of more than 5 people will be banned, both indoor and outdoor, and a curfew will be introduced again in Belgrade from Friday to Monday. After that, we will see how the situation develops” said yesterday the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić in a press conference.

“Today is definitely the most difficult day in our country since the beginning of the pandemic. 13 people have died and more than 120 people on ventilators. The situation is alarming in Belgrade, and it is serious in four other cities in Serbia. I have had conversations with Dr. Kon on several occasions today,” said Vučić.

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“We test 9,000 people a day”

“Why would we lie? We want to treat people, save our people and test more, that’s why our hospitals are filling up so fast. We are testing 9,000 people a day. All the numbers I get are correct and no-one can deny them, because these are the facts,” emphasized Vučić.

According to him, at the moment, there are 376 unused clinical ventilators in the hospitals, and another 578 in the warehouse in Krnješevci.

“We will have 1,100 ventilators within eight days. Today, we have sent out another 10, so now there are 33 ventilators in Novi Pazar. In Krnješevci, we have 122 mobile ventilators and 103 anesthesia machines. We have ultrasound equipment, air decontaminators, and 60 million surgical masks. I just wanted to say that we were preparing ourselves as a state, that we have procured the required equipment, but if we don’t respect our health workers, there is no one who will be able to treat our patients. We will have to fight together with discipline and willpower,” Vučić concluded.

(Blic, 07.07.2020)



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