Vucic;:”Average salary in March 555 euro”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said in an Instagram post on Monday that the average monthly salary in Serbia was 555 euro in March this year.

I have good news for the people of Serbia. The average salary in March was exactly 555 euro. That is what we expected,” he said in the video post.

According to the President, the average salary was 330 euro when he took over as prime minister in March 2014. He credited the public with that success, adding that Serbia is no longer a country of losers but a country of winners and can compete and win against others “who were not decades but centuries ahead of us”.

He said that effort has to be invested to raise the average salary to more than 600 Euro by the end of the year, while expressing certainty that that can be done.

(RTS, 24.05.2021)

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