Vucic: I will resign as prime minister if I lose presidential election

The Serbian PM and the governing coalition’s official presidential candidate, Aleksandar Vucic said that if he was not elected president, he would resign from his post of prime minister.

Responding to the questions posed by TV viewers, Vucic said confirmed that he would resign because “admitting defeat immediately after it happens is a very important democratic rule”.

“I did the same after the elections for Belgrade mayor when the winning candidate had only 0.5% more votes. I did not do it tomorrow, or several days afterwards, I did not call foreign ambassadors to consult. I did that that very evening when I congratulated the late mayor Nenad Bogdanovic. That was in 2004”, Vucic explains.

He also refuted claims that he had to do anything with the cancellation of a Smederevo concert of the singer Vlado Georgiev. In an interview for TV Pink, he said that those were the lies that his political opponents had been spreading. “Nobody cancelled the concert. The only issue was that he (Georgiev) wanted to have a concert at the local Cultural Centre, and when the local authorities asked him whether he would pay for the venue in advance or from the ticket proceeds (and the sale of tickets was not going that well). Subsequently, he was not allowed to hold the concert at the Centre but was allowed to have it in the main town square”, Vucic explains. 

Vucic goes on to say that the so-called elite are the source behind “the lies” since “they are not interested in real problems of people, but are pushing their fabrications”.

“That’s why they’ve been insisting on the Savamala case… I’ve been asked by at least fifty journalists to give them my take on the Savamala case, and yet nobody asks me whether there will be shootings and killings like in Macedonia at the moment. This is something that ordinary people are interested it, while the fake elite are the ones interested in that. Not the real problems”, Vucic argues and adds: “The way in which demolition has been carried out is wrong and people should be held responsible for that, but that is just a minor thing that they (the elite) will continue to push. They are not interested in opening of new factories.”

Commenting on the presidential campaign, the PM says it has been the quietest ever, and that in the last three years, there has been only one serious incident at the election where a member of the Serbian Progressive Party was attacked and seriously injured.

(Politika, 06.03.2017)

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