Vucic: “We’ll see if snap parliamentary elections will be held in 2022”

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, has said that “it remains to be seen if snap parliamentary elections will be held in 2022 in addition to the regular presidential elections and who will boycott them and who will not”, adding that no opposition party would be able to win enough votes to enter parliament.  

Vučić also said that some of the opposition got more media coverage than he and his Serbian Progressive Party. “It is not the fault of the media that they lost election, as they would like everybody to think, but they didn’t worked hard enough, had a lack of ideas and resorted to attacking everything that was done and said,” he added.

Speaking about the composition of the new Serbian parliament, Vučić said there could be opposition MPs there and that the parliament will have the task of becoming more responsible than before.

Referring to recent developments regarding recognition of Kosovo’s independence, he said that if anyone thought the message “recognize Kosovo and you will get nothing and your people will be prosecuted like March 17, 2004” would be welcomed were totally wrong.

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Asked about the statement made by the EU special envoy for dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Miroslav Lajcak, who said he expected a “far-reaching” decision on the Kosovo issue from the Serbian President, Vučić said Serbia was always ready to discuss various compromise solutions, but would not accept an ultimatum.

“I hope the EU understands that we cannot sign an agreement in Brussels under the EU auspices and then pass a resolution that denies the existence of the Union of Serbian Municipalities,” he added.

Commenting on the local elections in Šabac, Vučić said that they were a disgrace and that Serbia has not seen such elections since 1945.

(Nedeljnik, 11.10.2020)

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