Vučić: “We will not leave Fiat workers on the street”

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vučić said today that the state will find new jobs for laid-off Fiat workers or those who choose to leave Fiat. They will be offered work in a new German company which plans to open a production facility in Kragujevac soon.

Asked by journalists what will happen to the Fiat workers in Kragujevac, Vučić said that one must keep in mind that one is not in living in socialism anymore and that the state no longer runs Fiat, nor does Fiat, but the Stellantis consortium does.

The Serbian President added that now Stellantis makes business decisions for Fiat and that it is a good thing that it wants to make an electric car in Kragujevac. “The company wants to train some people abroad for several months, as well as in other companies in Europe,” he continued.

He remarked that he could not agree with Fiat firing pregnant workers just because they will be off for a year, but that everything else is a matter of company policy. “We will make sure that all the workers who are not satisfied with the working conditions or those fired by Stellantis will be given another job in a new German company that will come to Kragujevac soon,” the Serbian president added.

(Srbija Danas, 29.05.2022)


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