Vučić: We expect four billion euros worth of foreign direct investments this year

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said at the groundbreaking ceremony marking the beginning of the construction of the VPG business park in Dobanovci, that the park will improve the overall logistics and industrial capacities of our country and increase Serbia’s competitiveness in the region, as well as additionally attract investors.

On the occasion, Vučić also said that he expects Serbia to attract at least 4 billion euros worth of FDIs this year.

He added that Serbia is ready to provide substantially more funds to support new investments and pointed out that good logistics are needed to win in every game, especially the ones related to the market and economy.

Speaking about similar investments in the logistics sector, Vučić pointed out that Delhaize opened the first modern logistics centre in Stara Pazova nine years ago and that after that investment, companies started to do the same and build similar logistics centres in larger numbers, because it is difficult to imagine success in production and retail without logistics. He also mentioned that Delhaize pays out 100 million euros in salaries for its workers in Serbia every year.

“We hope and believe that we can build a stronger, more economically powerful and successful Serbia, just as you witnessed the progress that the Czech Republic made after the fall of the Iron Curtain,” added Vučić.

He pointed out that he is glad that VGP chose Serbia as its investment destination and that that he is especially glad for the good feedback he got regarding our administration working better and faster than many European ones.

(Politika, 13.03.2023)

Photo credits: Tanjug/Jadranka Ilic

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