Vucic: We are going to invest 2bln EUR in healthcare

This year will see the beginning of the construction of clinical centers in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Kragujevac, and the new clinical center in Nis will open in around two months, announced Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic on Sunday, adding that the total investments in healthcare in 2017 would amount to 2bln EUR.

Vucic pointed out that the EUR 122 million will be invested in the Clinical Center of Serbia, which reconstruction was supposed to start in 2009. A total of EUR 47 million will be invested in the construction and equipping of the Clinical Center in Novi Sad, which is to begin in April. The construction of the Clinical Center in Kragujevac, which will cost EUR 29 million, will begin in September, and the institution will get an additional EUR 15 million to acquire necessary equipment. A total of EUR 35 million was invested in the construction and equipping of the Clinical Center in Nis.

The prime minister said that four accelerators had been acquired the previous year and that the procurement of additional six to eight accelerators, to be distributed between Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Kladovo, was planned. The tender will be launched in two weeks.

– Following the procurement of the gamma knife, which has been used for 800 brain tumor treatment procedures, we are planning to procure a cyber knife, used for treating small tumors, as well. At the moment, patients have to go to Munich or Athens for such procedures, as those are the closest facilities using the cyber knife – the prime minister said.

The opening of three angio-halls, enabling doctors to act more quickly following a heart attack and save patients’ lives, has also been planned for this year. One of them will be located in the ER, one in UHMC Bezanijska Kosa, and one in Cacak. The procurement of new scanners, MRI scanners, X-ray devices, and 25 emergency vehicles is also planned.

The prime minister also announced that RSD 1.1 billion would be set aside in 2017 for the treatment of children with rare diseases.

He went on to say that the problem with charging for epidural anesthesia in Nis has been solved and the service is now free throughout the territory of Serbia.

Vucic also announced that the existing building of the Children’s Hospital in Tirsova Street would be reconstructed during 2017, for which EUR 5 million would be set aside. – A new building, Tirsova 2, will be constructed next to the original one. It will span 30,000 square meters, and a total of EUR 52 million will be invested in its construction and equipment – he explained.

A total of EUR 7.5 million will be spent on the reconstruction of the maternity hospital GAK Visegradska, EUR 3.5 million on the pediatrics hospital in Zemun, EUR 17 million on the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases Dedinje, EUR 12 million on the Neurosurgery Clinic, and EUR 3.9 million on procuring equipment the Belgrade Emergency Centre.


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