Vucic: We already know the name of the new finance minister

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that the Serbian prime minister and he already knew the name of the new finance minister, and that it was up to the Serbian Parliament to do its work now regarding the appointment. The president did not specify who the new prime was.

While on an official trip to Baku, Azerbaijan, Vucic also said that new Belgrade mayor has not been picked as yet, thus refuting the recent media claims.

He said that rather than speculating about the new government appointments, we should focus more on economic development, because, come the end of the year, we would have to sum up what had we done and compare that to other countries in the region. The president also noted that, that only three years ago, the country was facing bankruptcy and that the average salary was 340 euro, while, in some of the regional countries, it was 470 euro.

Vucic said that he was confident that Serbia would catch up to and even exceed other countries in the region, and reiterated that this year would see the biggest increase in pensions and civil servant salaries.

While in Baku, Vucic also said that he had invited Azeri business people to come to Serbia and to invest in a number of sectors of the country’s economy.  He added that Serbia was ready to provide Azeri companies with various privileges, preferences and subsidies.

“Serbia intends to develop cooperation with Azerbaijan in all segments”, Vucic said at a press conference with Azeri President, Ilham Aliyev. “I think that I’m the first president to visit your country after your election as president. This is a great honour for me,” Vucic said.

He noted that the development of friendly relations with Azerbaijan is of great importance for Serbia.

“This is in the best interest of our states and peoples. There is a great arena for our cooperation. For this reason, I have come to Azerbaijan with almost half of our government, because we intend to develop cooperation with Azerbaijan in all segments,” added the Serbian leader.

Vucic said Serbia was grateful to Azerbaijan for support to its independence and sovereignty. 

Serbia, in turn, support the independence and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, the president added.

“These positions of the two countries will remain unchanged. Mr. President, we highly appreciate your policy. You are a person that protects your country’s independence and strives for the welfare of citizens because your country is located in a very complex region, at the intersection of different regions, and you have made a good example of preserving your country. At the same time, the country’s economic interests are also ensured,” he said.   

President Vucic also underlined that there was great potential for improving relations between the two countries.

The Serbian leader went on to say that the joint intergovernmental commission will hold another meeting in the near future. “The last meeting took place in 2015. I think we can actively cooperate in the implementation of various transport projects,” President Vucic said, pointing to the successful activity of an Azerbaijani company in road construction in Serbia.

This was also confirmed by the Azeri Economy Minister, Shahin Mustafayev who said that the next meeting of the Azerbaijani-Serbian intergovernmental commission will be held in September 2018. Mustafayev made the remarks at an Azerbaijani-Serbian business meeting in Baku.

According to Vucic, an Azeri delegation will come to Serbia to see if they will invest in the construction of luxury hotels and purchase of spas, and added that there are many opportunities for investment.

(Politika, 21.05.2018)



Photo credits: Tanjug


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