Vučić: “Vaccination of doctors and other medical staff to begin in January”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, said yesterday, he expected six per cent growth, average pension of 270 Euro and the total public debt below 60 per cent of the GDP in 2021.

 Addressing the end-of-the-year press conference, Vucic said that the state’s basic goals were peace, health and the fight against the coronavirus epidemic investing in the health system and improving the living standard.

Vucic said the anti-COVID vaccines would arrive in January every week.

“The plan is to vaccinate health workers who are in the COVID system immediately after people in nursing homes, who are the most endangered,” he added.

“We will ensure vaccinations to the best of our abilities. We’re expecting to receive between 76,000 or 77,000 Pfizer vaccines in January, which will be enough for residents of nursing homes too,” the Serbian President underlined.

He added he expected a Russian vaccine, pending permission of the country’s respective medical institutions.

Vucic went on to say that he expected a new arrangement with the IMF and an investment credit rating.

“Our plans are ambitious and big. The goal is for the average salaries to be between 560 and 570 Euro before the end of this year, while in Belgrade, they would be between 690 and 700 Euro,” Vucic said.

President Vucic then responded to the attacks of Meliza Haradinaj Stublla, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, who accused Serbia of not respecting the Brussels Agreement by vaccinating in Kosovo and Metohija as well.

“Let me see the part of the Brussels agreement that says that. Of course, we did not violate anything and no intelligent person can think of doing that. We have completely fulfilled the Brussels Agreement, while they did not,” Vucic responded.

When asked how satisfied he was with the government’s achievements, Vucic said that he was satisfied with quite a few of the government ministers, while some officials showed a lack of enthusiasm.

The President then revealed what he felt were the three best things from the previous year and what were the three worst.

“I am happy with the construction of new hospitals in Batajnica and Krusevac. There is also the Preljina-Pozega section and the Belgrade-Novi Sad railway. And the third thing, the progress of the construction work on the Belgrade Waterfront, as well as the beginning of the construction of the subway in Belgrade. There is also the fact that Serbia is first in terms of economic growth rate which is a huge achievement,” Vucic said.

As for the three worst things, he mentioned “the coronavirus, because of which we lost a lot of people, and good people” and added: “Our economic performance would be even better if it hadn’t been for the epidemic. And the virus again, since it has ruined the lives of both young and old.”

(Mondo, 28.12.2020)

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